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potomac aviation technology

What is ATAS?

  • Listens for and greets inbound pilots on the airport’s existing CTAF VHF frequency
  • Informs pilots it is available and how to use it
  • Provides responsive advisories of best runway for wind and area traffic
  • Warns of crosswind and/or wind shear if present
  • Includes Smart METAR elements operationally relevant at the moment
  • Adapts dynamically to shared frequency-use by pilots on the area
  • Assures clear two-way radio communications for departing aircraft prior to takeoff

ATAS, the perfect solution for any airport or heliport

  • FAA / FCC  ‘Automated Unicom (service)’
  • ICAO “Automated A-AFIS”
  • AWOS
MicroTower has tower-like services like a control tower and has features that surpass AWOS.

We Created MicroTower for Pilots and Airports like Us

MicroTower goes beyond AWOS with its superior features.

We Started Simple

  • A clean design AWOS, easy to install and maintain
  • 100% solar-powered solution installs anywhere
  • Globally-linked for reporting and remote maintenance

We Made it Very Smart

  • Added sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Listens and speaks directly to pilots by radio
  • Expert in flight operations and radio communications
  • Knowledgeable of its airport or heliport

To Provide All Essential Services 24/7

  • Pre-Flight – METAR information for flight planning
  • Take-Off – Assuring critical two-way radio communications
  • Enroute – A weather source for updates
  • Landing – Listens and speaks directly to pilots by radio

Mission Accomplished – MicroTower

Potomac Aviation Technology Corp

Potomac Airfield (KVKX)

10300 Glen Way, Fort Washington, Maryland, 20744 USA

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