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for pilots and airport operators, to be useful, practical & sustainable

Potomac Airfield – Potomac’s own exclusive General Aviation airport country club, and research & development facility, located just minutes from downtown Washington DC.

David Wartofsky

David Wartofsky – Inventor, pilot, and airport owner
CEO and co-founding principal:  Mr. Wartofsky, Princeton ’81, an avid helicopter, multi-engine and fixed wing pilot; former roboticist, medical research and diagnostic equipment designer; and former sole founder and CEO of Bionet Medical, a venture-financed medical services company in the 1970s.  Washington, DC.

David's airplane
David’s Turbo STOL Cessna 337

Ammeet Agarwal

Ammeet Agarwal – International development and operations
Mr. Agarwal is a pilot and entrepreneur, with extensive political and transportation contacts in many countries and continents.  Mr. Agarwal is also CEO and President of Supreme and Sangeeta Aviation, international aviation operations,  Mumbai, India.

supreme tail
One of Supreme’s training aircraft

Gary Simon – Co-inventor, business manager, and airport co-owner, COO and co-founding principal:  Mr. Simon, MBA in finance from MIT ‘81, expert in computer science and network design and PATCO’s lead programmer and business manager.  Mr. Simon also manages Copley Investments, a private commercial real-estate investment company.  Boston, MA.

Copley Investments
Business office, Boston MA, USA

John Erickson

John Erikson – Manufacturing
Mr Erickson, pilot, founder and CEO of Product Resources, Potomac Aviation’s contract manufacturing firm providing engineering, design, and contract manufacturing services for over 30 years, from its 33 thousand square foot facility located in Newburyport, MA.

Product Resources
Manufacturing facility, Newburyport Mass, USA

ISO 9001:2008 approved, certified by TUV, FDA registered, in accordance with all major industry standards including UL, CSA, FM, CE, and MSHA.

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