Air Traffic Advisory Services (ATAS)

The practical alternative to traditional AWOS

  • Does more
  • Costs less
  • Installs in a day

Enabling safe and reliable aviation access to rural & remote communities worldwide

  • 100% solar-powered, satellite networked, off-grid
  • Ideal for smaller airports/heliports anywhere
  • True Artificial Intelligence
  • The basic services of a control tower
  • Quick and easy alternative to Remote Tower
  • Built-in weather sensors – similar to AWOS 3P

Pilot and Government testimonials

Comparison to traditional AWOS 3

Start Simple

  • A clean design, easy to install and maintain AWOS
  • 100% solar-powered solution installs anywhere
  • Globally linked for reporting and remote maintenance

Make it Very Smart

  • Add sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Listens and speaks directly to pilots by radio
  • Expert in flight operations and radio communications
  • Knowledgeable of its airport or heliport

Provide All Essential Services 24/7

  • Enroute    – A primary weather source for flight planning
  • Terminal  – Listens and speaks directly to pilots by radio

Mission Accomplished

Revolutionizing access by air to rural and remote communities world-wide