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Building your community

Provides your community opens skies for tourism, commerce, disaster relief, medical or emergency services. 

Your local aiport can have the type of services normally only avaialble at major airports.


MICROTOWER is an Advanced Air Traffic Advisory System (AATAS) that provides 24/7 Tower-like services for any airport or heliport, anywhere.  It also includes basic METAR services similar to AWOS3.  The equipment is 100% solar-powered, self-contained, off-grid, quickly and easily installed and sustained anywhere.

Almost like having a human air traffic controller, MICROTOWER …Observes, Knows, Evaluates, and Prioritizes information needed by pilots.  It listens and speaks directly to pilots by radio, to safely serve your airport/heliport.

MICROTOWER of MicroTower enables ANY size airport ANYWHERE to provide tower-like services 24/7.  A proven solution for any non-towered airport to have full service, and even for towered airports to give some service when the tower is closed for any reason.

Installed at many smaller airports and heliports across USA and the world.


Small Airports are Gateways

Small airports are a key transportation gateway for many small communities and remote destinations, especially where distance from centers of population, commerce and services puts these communities at a disadvantage.

Enable Tourism

Tourism and Commerce are only possible to destinations people can access safely, reliably, and predictably.  Air transport enables tourism, travel, and connects small communities to outside markets for locally produced goods and services.

Enable Local Commerce

Demand for local products and services increase when they become accessible to distant markets as part of regular local air service.

Medical and Emergency Services

Medical and emergency services are often only available to small communities when time and distance can be reduced by air travel.


Disaster Relief

When roads and surface transport are unusable,
disaster relief is often only possible by air.


MicroTower is built on a proven technology providing accurate and reliable information to flight operations across the globe.


"The State of South Dakota does not participate in routine maintenance costs for AWOS systems - putting traditional AWOS systems out of the reach of small airports from a cost standpoint- so we were looking for a lower cost solution for weather reporting at small rural GA airports. The respose of pilots and operators has been overwhelmingly positive. If we didn't have MicroTower systems, we would likely not have anything."

Bruce Lindholm
Manager Air Rail and Transit, State of South Dakota

"The MicroTower is a 'must have' if operating a flight school or an active, uncontrolled field. I only WISH I'd had these at the many remote strips I have operated out of in third world countries."

Tom Zinn

SEL, SES, MEL, Comm/Inst, A&P, CFIA, 2000+ Hours MAF pilot, LATAM

These systems have performed very well over the years, and Potomac Aviation has been responsive to the Department's needs. South Dakota DOT purchased 29 SuperAwos units from 2006 to 2012. These unites have been very useful to the aiport communities the serve. The most appealing reasons for purchasing them was their ease of installation and maintenance. The systems performs self-diagnostics, reporting, and component status each day. This is useful to airport management for replacing components when necessary."

Jon Becker
Aeronautics Planning Engineer, SDDOT Office of Aeronautics

"I wish all non-towered airfields had such a quick and convenient source of current weather conditions. It is a huge help when flying."

Rick F.
Arline Pilot, Former Military

"I love MicroTower! It's real-time information, unlike ATIS that's minutes old. I also especially like the communications check capability that MicroTower offers. I've been using MicroTower for several years and wish other airports had it."

Charlie M., CFII
Air Force pilot and retried Brigadier General (ret)

Easy Installation Anywhere
MicroTower installs in as little as 3 hours
No external power or communications required
100% Self-contained

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