For Communities

Advanced Air Traffic Advisory System (AATAS)

  • 24/7 Tower-like services, including METAR
  • 100% solar-powered, self-contained, off-grid
  • Quickly installed and easily sustained anywhere
  • Similar METAR to AWOS 3P

A 100% off grid solar powered artificial intelligence with its own built in weather capabilities, similar to AWOS 3P, that listens and speaks directly to pilots.

Enables ANY size airport ANYWHERE to provide all the most essential services of a control tower, 24/7.

Already installed at many smaller airports across USA. Now also at palace heliports, and expanding weekly, with installations in India, Asia and Africa.

A proven solution for non-towered airports to have full service, and for towered airports to give 24/7 coverage and/or reduce costs.

Small airports are the transportation backbone for many small communities and remote destinations, especially where distance from centers of population, commerce and services puts them at disadvantage.

Tourism and Commerce are only possible to destinations people can access safely, reliably, and predictably.  Air transport enables tourism, travel, and connects small communities to outside world markets for goods and services produced locally.

Demand for local products and services increase when they can be transported to distant markets as part of regular local air service.

Medical and emergency services are often only available to small communities when time and distance can be reduced by air travel.

Disaster relief is often only possible by air, when roads and other forms of ground transport become un-usable.

Revolutionizing access by air to rural and remote communities world-wide

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