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The Ultimate airport improvement

Air traffic, weather and advisory services are necessary for flight operations. Traditionally, the only way to provide these services has been human-staffed, air traffic control towers, human weather observers, and/or AWOS.

For most, smaller airports and heliports traditional solutions are too costly, too complex, non-sustainable and impractical. Unable to provide these essential services, many of the world’s airports and heliports are of limited value for flight operations. Pavement and lighting is not enough.

MicroTower offers an affordable simple solution that can meet these operational needs.

  • A 100% self-contained, SMART, off-grid solution for any smaller non-towered airport or heliport
  • Providing Tower-like services 24/7  (ATAS) to pilots at any smaller airport or heliport anywhere
  • ATAS and METAR (weather) are needed by all flight operations
  • MicroTower provides both ATAS and METAR, quickly, affordably, and sustainably, anywhere

S-M-A-R-T – As true artificial intelligence MicroTower knows an airport’s runways, approaches, traffic patterns, is aware of area traffic, senses real-time weather, and even monitors your airport’s traffic frequency.

Like a human air traffic controller, MicroTower … Observes, Knows, Evaluates, Prioritizes the information it provides to pilots by listening speaking directly to pilots by radio, to maximize the use of your airport/heliport.

    Something new to offer your clients

    For Pilots

    Providing pilots tower-like services necessary for real-world flight operations.

    For Airports & Heliports

    Providing more complete services than AWOS at an affordable cost.
    Easy installation and low maintenance.

    For Communities

    Allowing any smaller airport or heliport to provide the kinds of services usually only found at the largest airports.

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    Located near decision makers

    MicroTower has broad global applications that usually require a series of meetings and presentations to interested local authorities.

    We will assist you with leads, materials, information, online, and even on site meetings as appropriate.  Our goal is to support you working with your clients.

    • People prefer to do business with friends.
    • Convenient to Clients – When a client asks for a meeting it should be easy for you to answer, ‘How about tomorrow?’
    • Same time-zone as Clients – being accessible is valuable.
    • Part of the Local Culture – Cultures are different in subtle ways.  As a ‘local’ you understand this best of all.
    Familiar with Government Program sales

    In addition to our private and exclusive locations, Government ‘programs’ often have the greatest impact. We will help you walk your clients through initial briefings, appropriations, tender, and procurement.  Although a long sales cycle, these are ultimately broadly rewarding.

    Be a pilot or have one working with you

    Pilots immediately understand MicroTower’s broad applications and implications, and offer the most credible and most qualified expert discussion of this technology.  MicroTower is a new mixture of air traffic advisory services, meteorology, communications, flight and airport operations.

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