For Airports

The ideal solution
for smaller airports and heliports anywhere on Earth

A Transportation Minister summarized,

“MicroTower does a lot more than AWOS, costs a lot less, and installs in just one day”

Evaluating Remote Tower
a Government Economist summarized,

“None of the Remote Tower proposals solve the real problem, which is limited staffing”

“While remote towers offer a slightly less expensive way to build the next air traffic control tower, they have the same issues. The only difference is controllers are sitting somewhere else”

Only MicroTower solves the real problems”

Installs and fully functioning the same day

100% off-grid, solar-powered and satellite-linked. No need for any onsite power or communications. Intelligently shares existing frequency, no frequency allocation required. Installs in about 3 hours

  • No airspace issues – Small and locates by your windsock
  • No frequency issues – artificial intelligence shares existing VHF
  • No electrical permitting
    • 100% solar is low voltage
    • AC powered system recharges from adjacent lighted windsock
Easy Installation
  • Simple site prep – dig a hole, install base, add bags of concrete
  • No training necessary – plugs together in a few easy steps
  • Installs in a morning – serving your pilots that same day
Your weather distributed free
  • By telephone – free dial-in for pilots
  • By internet – free graphic  by webpage via internet
  • Sent to government networks –
  • Sent to commercial networks –
Super low maintenance
  • 100% remote maintenance
  • Low cost global connectivity – remote data or local internet
  • Remote quality control
  • Easy sustainability

As an airport operator one of your key objectives is to enhance the usefulness of your airport to attract and support flight operations.  The more operations, the better you and your local community’s bottom line.  You also want the safest airport you can practically make it to be.

The challenge is to find practical solutions that enhance usefulness and safety for operators.

The SA 3000 is a self-contained system that serves as an automated micro (control) tower, and weather service, 24/7.

S-M-A-R-T  As a true artificial intelligence SA 3000 knows your airport’s runways, approaches, traffic patterns, monitors your airport’s traffic frequency, and continually senses real-time weather conditions.

Like a human air traffic controller, SA 3000 takes all this information and listens to aircraft communications, knowing exactly what to say, and when, and to whom, in the limited time available on the airport frequency it shares with pilots.

Revolutionizing access by air to rural and remote communities world-wide