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tower-like services at any airport or heliport

MicroTower provides critical aeronautical services usually only available at major towered airports

Take your AIrport
to the Next Level

MicroTower is a self-contained system that serves as an automated micro (control) tower, and weather service, 24/7.

As an airport operator, one of your key objectives is to enhance the usefulness of your airport to attract and support flight operations. The more operations, the better you and your local community’s bottom line. You also want the safest airport you can practically make it to be. The challenge is to find practical solutions that enhance usefulness and safety for operators.

  • S-M-A-R-T – As a true artificial intelligence MICROTOWER knows your airport’s runways, approaches, traffic patterns, monitors your airport’s traffic frequency, and continually senses real-time weather conditions.
  • Like a human air traffic controller, MICROTOWER … Observes, Knows, Evaluates, Prioritizes information needed by pilots then listens and speaks directly to so that they can safely utilize your airport/heliport.

The Ultimate Airport Improvement made easy


  • No airspace study
  • No frequency application
  • No electrical permitting
  • 100% solar low voltage

Quick & Easy

  • Simple site prep
  • No training necessary
  • Serving your pilots same day

Low Maintenance

  • 100% true remote maintenance
  • Low cost global connectivity
  • Remote quality control
  • Support locally

Free Weather

  • By telephone
  • By internet
  • Government networks
  • Commercial networks

Tower-like Service 24/7

  • Greets inbound flights
  • Air traffic advisory service
  • AWOS like METAR
  • Before take-off radio check


Pre Flight Planning

Remote METAR
Aviation Weather


Two-way Radio Check with power and modulation


Current METAR
Airport Conditions


Greets pilots on VHF
Informs it is present
and how to use it


Full advisories (ATAS)
Area Traffic, Best Runway
Cross Wind, Wind Shear
Smart METAR, and more


WATCH NOW – 100% off-grid, solar-powered and satellite-linked. Eliminates need for onsite power or communications.

Intelligently sharing existing radio frequency
eliminates frequency allocation process.
Installs in about 3 hours.


MicroTower is built on a proven technology providing accurate and reliable information to flight operations across the globe.

“The MicroTower is a ‘must have’ if operating a flight school or an active, un-controlled field. I only WISH I'd had these at the many remote strips I have operated out of in third world countries."

Tom Z.

SEL, SES, MEL, Comm/Inst, A&P, CFIA, 2000+ hours, former MAF pilot, LATAM

"As a beginning pilot who learned to fly at a Microtower airport, I have a hard time understanding how it's not required at other airports. Radioing ahead in the hopes that someone is around to give an update on conditions seems antiquated and makes me uncomfortable."

Brian, Single Engine Recreational Pilot, 70 hours

“I was wondering if you have plans to install your MicroTower in Europe. I have just starting flying over here and would love to see this system in action at the many non-towered GA Fields.”

Juan G., pilot in Spain

“The MicroTower with the three clicks for weather and four clicks for radio check, took one less item off the stress meter to get into the air. Excellent system.”

Mike A., Former student pilot at VKX, PPL, 170 hours

“I wish all non-towered airfields had such a quick and convenient source of current weather conditions. It is a huge help when flying at KVKX.”

Rick F., airline pilot, former military

“I use the MicroTower system at Potomac Airfield and at the Annapolis airport where it greatly assists pilots, improving safety and traffic control.”

Stephen C.

"MicroTower has been a great asset to our airfield which is located in very congested air space. It is easy to operate and extremely accurate in providing current weather conditions. I highly recommend this system to anyone considering it over the alternatives."

Alex, private pilot

“I love MicroTower! It’s real-time information, unlike ATIS that’s minutes old. I also especially like the communications check capability that MicroTower offers. I’ve been using MicroTower at Washington Executive and Potomac Airfield for several years and wish other airports had it.”

Charlie M., CFII, former Air Force pilot and retired Brigadier General

"I learned to fly at an airport with MicroTower. I was very surprised to find out it is not available everywhere else. Why ?"

Eugen L., private pilot

“MicroTower adds one more tool to support pilots, giving them better situational awareness to help ensure safety. “

Mike R. private pilot

The State of South Dakota does not participate in routine maintenance costs for AWOS systems – putting traditional AWOS systems out of the reach of small airports from a cost standpoint – so we were looking for a lower cost solution for weather reporting at small rural GA airports. The response of pilots and operators has been overwhelmingly positive. If we didn’t have MicroTower systems, we would likely not have anything.

Bruce L.

Potomac Aviation Technology Corp

Potomac Airfield (KVKX)

10300 Glen Way, Fort Washington, Maryland, 20744 USA

+1-202-575-5700 |