Represent US in your AREA!

Are you interested in representing this exciting new technology in your region or area? Frankly, it is a lot of fun.

Please contact us by email at

Our best representatives :

Located near decision makers

This new technology has very broad global applications that typically requires a series of meetings and presentations to interested local authorities.

We will assist you with leads, materials, information, online, and even on site as appropriate, but we want you working with your clients

Convenient to Clients – When a Minister or Local official asks for a meeting, it should be easy for you to answer, ‘How about tomorrow?’

Same time-zone as Clients – Working with people all around world also means all around the clock. You can add considerable mutual value being convenient to your clients day or night.

Understand Local Culture – Cultures are often different in subtle ways, as a ‘local’ you can understand this best of all.

Familiar with Government program sales

We have many private and exclusive locations, but Government ‘programs’ have the greatest impact. We will help you walk your clients through initial briefings, appropriations, tender, procurement process, etc. Although a long sales cycle, ultimately rewarding.

A pilot, or have one working with you

Pilots immediately understand MicroTower’s broad applications and implications, and offer the most credible and most qualified individuals to discuss this technology for you and your clients.

Please contact us by email at

Revolutionizing access by air to rural and remote communities world-wide

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