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Meet MicroTower

Listens & Speaks Directly with Pilots
AI for your Airport

Sustainable Solution

100% Solar Powered
Networked by Global Satellite
Installs in a Day, No Permits Required

Meet MicroTower

Capable of Smart METAR
Real-time Wind, Visibility, Altimeter
Sky Condition, Temperature, Dew Point

proven worldwide





  • Artificial Intelligence providing air traffic advisory services (ATAS)
  • Tower-like services anywhere 24/7
  • Smart METAR beyond AWOS 3P
  • Preflight Planning – Remote METAR weather data online and dial in
  • Inbound – Greets pilots on VHF to inform of its presence and how to use it
  • Landing – Full advisories (ATAS), traffic aware, best runway for wind and traffic, wind shear, crosswind, METAR and more
  • Takeoff – Two-way radio check, with power and modulation

Airports & Heliports

100% off-grid, solar-powered, satellite-networked, installs in about 3 hours
Affordable, quickly and easily installed and maintained,  AT A LOW COST

  • Hassle-Free – No need for permits, external power or communications
  • Intelligently shares existing frequency
  • No frequency application – Eliminates years of delay
  • Easy Installation – Simple, non-technical, easy to install by anyone
  • Easy maintenance – Real remote maintenance anyone can do
  • Smart METAR distributed free – Online, dial in, and over numerous networks

Small Communities

Small airports are the transportation gateway for many small communities and remote destinations.

  • Provides Tower-like services for any airport or heliport anywhere
  • Enhances local Tourism and Commerce
  • Expands Demand for local products and services
  • Enables Medical and Emergency services
  • Prepares for Disaster relief
  • 100% Solar-powered, off-grid, satellite-networked
  • Requires nothing, installs anywhere

Made in the USA


Potomac Aviation Technology Corp

Potomac Airfield (KVKX)

10300 Glen Way, Fort Washington, Maryland, 20744 USA

+1-202-575-5700 |