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Meet MicroTower

Listens & Speaks Directly with Pilots
AI for your Airport

Sustainable Solution

100% Solar Powered
Networked by Global Satellite
Installs in a Day, No Permits Required

Meet MicroTower

Capable of Smart METAR
Real-time Wind, Visibility, Altimeter
Sky Condition, Temperature, Dew Point

proven worldwide



Tom Z.
SEL, SES, MEL, Comm/Inst, A&P, CFIA, 2000+ hours, former MAF pilot, LATAM

“The MicroTower is a ‘must have’ if operating a flight school or an active, un-controlled field. I only WISH I'd had these at the many remote strips I have operated out of in third world countries."

Single Engine Recreational Pilot 70 hours

"As a beginning pilot who learned to fly at a Microtower airport, I have a hard time understanding how it's not required at other airports.  Radioing ahead in the hopes that someone is around to give an update on conditions seems antiquated and makes me uncomfortable."

Mike A.
Former student pilot at VKX, PPL, 170 hours

“The MicroTower with the three clicks for weather and four clicks for radio check, took one less item off the stress meter to get into the air. Excellent system.”

 Private Pilot

"MicroTower has been a great asset to our airfield which is located in very congested air space. It is easy to operate and extremely accurate in providing current weather conditions. I highly recommend this system to anyone considering it over the alternatives."



Pilot Referral Program

Introducing the MicroTower Pilot Referral Program! Refer a fellow pilot to MicroTower, and you could earn money for being the first to share this innovative aviation solution. It’s a simple, fun way to make aviation smarter and more accessible while potentially making your travel expenses tax deductible. Join us today and help redefine the future of aviation!




  • Artificial Intelligence providing air traffic advisory services (ATAS)
  • Tower-like services anywhere 24/7
  • Smart METAR beyond AWOS 3P
  • Preflight Planning – Remote METAR weather data online and dial in
  • Inbound – Greets pilots on VHF to inform of its presence and how to use it
  • Landing – Full advisories (ATAS), traffic aware, best runway for wind and traffic, wind shear, crosswind, METAR and more
  • Takeoff – Two-way radio check, with power and modulation

Airports & Heliports

100% off-grid, solar-powered, satellite-networked, installs in about 3 hours
Affordable, quickly and easily installed and maintained,  AT A LOW COST

  • Hassle-Free – No need for permits, external power or communications
  • Intelligently shares existing frequency
  • No frequency application – Eliminates years of delay
  • Easy Installation – Simple, non-technical, easy to install by anyone
  • Easy maintenance – Real remote maintenance anyone can do
  • Smart METAR distributed free – Online, dial in, and over numerous networks

Small Communities

Small airports are the transportation gateway for many small communities and remote destinations.

  • Provides Tower-like services for any airport or heliport anywhere
  • Enhances local Tourism and Commerce
  • Expands Demand for local products and services
  • Enables Medical and Emergency services
  • Prepares for Disaster relief
  • 100% Solar-powered, off-grid, satellite-networked
  • Requires nothing, installs anywhere

Made in the USA


Potomac Aviation Technology Corp

Potomac Airfield (KVKX)

10300 Glen Way, Fort Washington, Maryland, 20744 USA

+1-202-575-5700 |